Upcoming Events


The YCIHA invites you to an entertaining and informative performance that blends traditional and urban Yemeni sounds.  Ravid Kahalani, an artist of Yemeni Jewish descent, will perform with Ahmed Al-Shaiba, a self-taught Yemen-born 'Oud player.  Their connection to music, whether while performing original songs or covers, manifests at their energetic performances. Eaton Workshop hosts this event in DC. 

About the Artists: 

Ravid Kahalani (compositions & lyrics, vocals, and percussion), founded the rare combination of top musicians we now call Yemen Blues in 2010 in Tel Aviv. From the start, Ravid created an original sound that combines traditional Yemeni chants with West African beats, funk music, and blues. Ravid comes from a Yemeni Jewish Family. 

Ahmed Alshaiba is a Yemeni instrumentalist who performs the 'Oud; a traditional Middle Eastern String instrument, who is now based in New York. He initially rose to prominence after posting videos of himself covering modern, Western pop songs, such as 'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran. Ahmed stated that his favorite thing about the instrument is that he must embrace it while he plays, which allows the sound to reverberate through his chest. 

Our Commitment: 

The Yemen Cultural Institute for Heritage and the Arts (YCIHA) invites the residents of Washington DC area to a one of a kind performance of eclectic Yemeni beats. The YCIHA promotes Yemen's unique heritage, encourages discussion, and initiates dialogue around Yemen's cultural and artistic contribution to the world. We are committed to developing outreach programming for the preservation of Yemen's heritage. Ultimately, our mission is anchored in the promotion of peace and diversity.